Private Lives (2014) 

Private Lives is a nightmarish exploration of the author’s forced reckoning with her own career ambitions. This monologue for solo performer is inspired by US elected officials, child actors, and leather/bdsm/kink community. Presented through the refractive lens of popular horror and entertainment television programs like E True Hollywood Story and Entertainment Tonight, Private Lives presents privacy – not lived – but putrefied.


Private Lives was performed at Cooper Union Rose Theatre and featured Buerhaus and Cecelia Corrigan as players. This performance was directed by Alex Fleming. Later, it was performed as a monologue at Metro Pictures and documented by Ada Banks. 


Private Lives was also filmed as a piece of musical theatre with performers Tamio Shirashi and Eve Essex.


Private Lives has also been performed in abbreviated form as interactive dinner theatre “Monica at the Theatre of Dionysus.” This version was performed at Celine Gallery in Glasgow, and the Goethe Institute, New York.

Private Lives is available for booking as a solo performance by actor. Script includes specific casting, staging, lighting and costume parameters. 

Isis Virus (2018) 

Isis Virus was a dramatic monologue written throughout 2016 and 2017 and performed in various public staircase locations throughout 2018. The initial productions were stripped down to Buerhaus’ performance, staged in various private apartment buildings. The script follows a journey of transformation experienced by a sexualized mule. Buerhaus performed the evolving script for small select audiences. Isis Virus marks the first time Buerhaus engaged architecture and site specificity in her work as a theatre artist. 


Isis Virus has been performed at Foundation Perdu, Amsterdam NL, Rua Das Gaivotas, Lisbon PT, and Montez Press, NYC.


Isis Virus must be performed in stairway landings and be visible by wheelchair accessible sightline. It  is available for booking as a solo performance by actor. Script includes specific casting, staging, lighting and costume parameters.


Isis Virus was later adapted for eight person choir and piano. Isis Virus is also available to perform in this form but requires longer lead time and budget for players/rehearsal. Isis Virus bookings must include documentation by Ada Banks. Buerhaus no longer performs this piece and will cast either solo or ensemble productions.


Photograph courtesy the artist. Photograph by Ada Banks c2018.

The Maze (2019) 

The Maze (2019)


The Maze is a scripted one performer play. Following previous experiments, The Maze continues the author’s engagement with architecture and spatial metaphor. The Maze focuses on a sole female protagonist. This central character is named Maize, after the genetic material passed from one organism to its descendents. Maize is depicted lost in a serene but abandoned architectural environment, coping with the death of her father as she learns how to perform and experience different emotions.


The Maze was performed at Svetlana in 2019. 


Photo courtesy the artist. Photographer Beatriz Pereira. c2019.